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Thai Lottery first started in Thailand in the reign of King Rama V. It was first drawn in an international exposition arranged in the King's birthday celebration. Again in 1917, a lottery drawing was arranged to finance Thailand's entry into World War I on the Allied side. Next, lottery was used to finance the Thai Red Cross charity works expenses in 1932. Lottery was first drawn to really generate revenue for the government in 1934 to finance the short fall in government income due to the abolishment of draftee tax, levied on Thai males who wished to forego compulsory military service. The drawing was implemented by the Revenue Department. In the same year, lottery operation was also introduced to the provinces to finance the provincial municipality operations. In 1939, the control of government lottery operation was transferred to the Ministry of Finance with the appointment of the first lottery board by the Ministry of Finance on April 5, 1939, which is now held as the founding date of the Government Lottery Office. Current Responsibility At present, the Lottery Office issues 14 million tickets for each weekly draw. In the same draw, it also issues two million tickets for sports promotion and seven million for other charity organization. To produce the lottery tickets, the Government Lottery Office operates a modern, large-scale printing press, which also handles printing jobs for other government agencies as well. Each year, the Lottery Office turns in over 4,000 million bath to the government treasury. It also provides 440 scholarships of 20,000 baht each for undergraduates and earmark eight million baht a year for various charities. The office also contributes close to 20 million baht a year for the welfare fund of civil service and military personal, Welfare Council of Thailand, and the War Veteran Association. Future projects of the Government Lottery Office includes a plan to computerize lottery buyers service that visualizes purchasing of lottery and prize payment by commercial banks' country-wide network of automated teller machines. The Office also commits itself to increase its support for public service projects. Thailand lottery is the best option to earn lots of money at a time. Many people’s gains their financial freedom by winning Thai lottery. You just have to follow right tricks and guidelines to win Thai lotto. That’s why; we are providing Thailand lottery 3UP sure set that can help to win. Why you must take our vip membership to win Thailand lottery? Why we are the best option among others? Why you must follow our guidelines? Are we trustworthy? Is our tricks can make you winner? Let’s answer all questions: Firstly, Thailand lottery winning is not so easy things, lots of player play Thai lottery in each draw and they are highly experienced with many years of playing experience in Thai lotto. So winning Thai lotto is very tough without proper guidelines and number selection. We provide 3UP sure set to our registered member that’s a complete analysis paper from past experience and Thai lottery magazine analysis which has ninety nine percent possibilities to come up. That’s why you must take our membership if you desire to win Thailand lottery and to get financial freedom in whole life. Secondly, our sure 3UP set coming rate is so high and many players win Thai lotto by following our tricks and guidelines. Remember, lots of website you will find when you search on the web about Thailand lottery tips are vogues, they will just take money to you and give nothing in return. So, if you analysis this thing then you really understand why we are the best. Thirdly, you must follow our guidelines because our Thai lottery game professionals have playing experience and deep analysis on Thai lottery game that can make you winner. Fourthly, YES we are hundred percent trustable because we provide money back guarantee with our twenty four draw membership with customer satisfaction guarantee. Lastly, yes of-course because we design our tips to help all our members to win Thailand lottery. So, don’t waste your time. Just take your membership and be the next winner in Thai lotto
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